Job Opportunity – Warehouse Co-ordinator

 Warehouse Co-ordinator Job Description

You are responsible for the day to day running and management of Jacob’s Well Appeal warehouse, including but not limited to:

Warehouse Operation

Ensuring that the warehouse is opened up and closed from 8:30am to 4pm every weekday, either by you or by appropriate volunteers. Ensuring that the building is properly locked and secured and that the lights and heat are turned off.

Working in co-operation with volunteers, including vulnerable adults and youth groups, and people on job centre placements to receive donated goods from deliveries and from the public, and answering any questions that may arise.

Ensuring that received goods are moved to the appropriate area.

To ensure that all gangways, doorways and fire exits are kept clear.

To oversee packing operations, ensuring that all items are packed, palletised, labelled and stored in appropriate areas.

To work with the office to ensure that all items that are listed are correctly recorded on Jacob’s Well Appeal’s digital and/or manual stock control system.

To report any breakages, damage, possible hazards or untoward incidents to the office manager or line manager.

To regularly check the condition of warehouse equipment before use, including but not limited to the use of ladders, pallet trucks, forklift truck and other equipment.

Charity and Warehouse Sales

To co-ordinate with the other members of the charity sale team to prepare and load suitable items to sell at the charity sale (7 – 10 times per year).

To co-ordinate volunteers

To drive the van to the charity sale location and help with setting up the tables.

To help with selling items

To pack away at the end of the day and to return the van to the yard

In the event of a rainy forecast, to make the decision, after discussion with others on the team, as to whether or not to proceed and to notify the other volunteers as to whether the charity sale will take place or not.

To organize and run the warehouse charity sales along similar lines.

The dates of the charity sale are set by the office.

The week following the charity sale, with agreement of your line manager, you will take the time off in lieu of the time spent at the sale, unless the sale was cancelled due to bad weather.

For the warehouse sales on a Saturday a similar arrangement applies.



To provide leadership and organisation regarding the daily tasks that the volunteers and people on job centre placements are to do. Where necessary this may include giving appropriate training as required.

Some volunteers may be vulnerable adults or youths. It will be essential that the warehouse manager maintains an appropriate DBS certification.

If any serious difficulty arises with a particular person, it is essential to talk to your line manager about the issue before deciding on an outcome

Liaison with the Jacob’s Well Appeal’s office & wider leadership team

To liaise with the office, medical directors & CEO regarding collections, deliveries, receipt of items, and management of volunteers and people on job centre placements.

To keep the key staff members up to date on stock levels, manning levels and other key indicators

Transport & Vehicles

To collect and deliver items as required

To regularly check the vehicles for any defects and co-ordinating with the office so that any faults to be rectified. This includes fuel level, tyre condition, function of brakes, lights or other safety related functions.

To keep a record of road journeys times and locations visited, along with any problems encountered in the vehicle record. You are responsible to pay any speeding or parking fines yourself that you may incur whilst driving for Jacob’s Well Appeal on public roads.

You need to notify the office if you incur any driving infringements at any time, as this may affect our insurance for you driving the vehicles.

Loading containers of aid to be shipped abroad

When loading vehicles or containers for transport, making sure that all items are properly loaded, balanced, secured and listed


To ensure that the warehouse is kept clean and tidy.

Health and Safety

Being responsible for Health and Safety compliance within the warehouse. This includes ensuring that all equipment, processes and practices are safe and meet with legal requirements and ensuring that all staff and volunteers work according to Jacob’s Well Appeal’s health and safety guide-lines.

 Skills and character requirements

To fulfil this role, we expect you to exhibit the following characteristics;

Passionate about helping others.


An ability to focus, prioritise and change plans as more urgent requirements come along.

Good with people, including answering questions, communicating tasks, sorting out difficulties and working with others

Able to multi-task, handle stress, cope with constant interruptions and meet deadlines.

Able to take initiative, work by yourself and manage your own time-table whilst also being happy to work with others and to follow directives from the organisation’s leadership

A full valid driving license.

A fork lift license will also be required and training will be provided if necessary.

Physically capable of lifting heavy loads up to 25Kg at times.

A level of IT competency in order to use a stock control system (able to use a smart phone or tablet).

Able to manage and motivate volunteers.


One of Jacob’s Well Appeal’s aims is to promote the Christian faith. Although a personal Christian faith is not a requirement, we would expect you to display a respect, tolerance and caring attitude towards all those that you deal with. We would also expect you to behave in a manner that is appropriate for a Christian charity.

Hours and Pay


You are required to work 35 hrs per week.


Your pay will be £9.50 per hour


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Closing 3rd October

Interviews 4 or 5th October.


Job Opportunity – Charity-Plus Shop Manager (Job Share)

Jacob’s Well

Changing the World … One life at a time


Beverley Christian Bookshop and Charity-Plus shop


Jacob’s Well has run a Christian bookshop and charity shop in Beverley for over 30 years. However, a few years ago we changed the concept to a Charity-Plus Shop.  More than a normal Christian book shop, a charity shop or coffee bar, our Charity-Plus Shops combine elements from all three to create a community hub where dozens of people with no church connections come into contact with God’s love every day.


Charity-Plus Shops are …


  • a place with an atmosphere of God’s presence.
  • a place of welcome, where believers can share the love of God with all who come in.
  • a friendship centre where people can find welcome, support or a listening ear.
  • a community hub, where Christians from the different churches can meet each other and learn about what’s going on.
  • a resource centre, where believers from every denomination can find materials to help them grow in their faith.
  • a way to engage in changing the world by helping the poor overseas and furthering the development of the third world.
  • an interface between the church and the market place – where hundreds of customers will come into contact with the love of God.
  • a place where churches work together to provide a light in the market place and a window into the developing world


We now also run Charity-Plus shops in Bridlington and Withernsea


About Jacob’s Well Appeal


Since 1984 Jacob’s Well Appeal has been working in over 30 countries, including Afghanistan, Romania, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Philippines and Kenya.  From our offices and large warehouse in Beverley we continue to the change the world one life at a time by supplying


  • Medical aid
  • Agricultural equipment and projects
  • Educational supplies and projects
  • Tools and building supplies
  • Emergency disaster relief
  • Small business start-up schemes
  • Sponsoring children in the third world
  • Volunteers willing to go abroad and make a difference



Jacob’s Well Charity-Plus Shop Manager (Job Share)

You are responsible for the day to day running and management of Jacob’s Well Charity-Plus shop. This includes;

  • Sharing the Christian message and demonstrating the love of God in an appropriate way with members of the public and volunteers who come into the shop.
  • Helping customers with their sales and questions. Treating all customers with respect, and fostering  a loving, caring community in the shop.
  • Recruiting, training and providing leadership to the volunteers regarding the daily tasks that the volunteers will undertake.
  • Ensuring that there is an adequate level of stock for all the items that we sell. Ordering new books, cards, craft and other items as required.
  • Ensuring that all the second hand items coming into the shop are sorted, priced and displayed attractively
  • Running the cafe, and being available to talk and listen to customers who come into the cafe area.
  • Overseeing the financial administration, including making sure that all moneys received are correctly recorded and accounted for, paying bills and banking.
  • Making customers aware of how they can help in the international aid work and appeals of Jacob’s Well.
  • This is a job share. You will work 4 days a week alongside someone who is working 2 days a week.


Skills and character requirements

Jacob’s Well Charity-Plus shop is a centre that is explicitly Christian, which is run in partnership with local churches. It is a requirement that the shop manager is an active Christian believer who is in regular attendance at and in good relationship with a local church.  To fulfil this role, we expect you to exhibit the following characteristics;

  • A Caring attitude, treating every person as if they are special to God, regardless of their life-style, status, age, health or their personal or religious views.
  • Eager and able to share the love of God and the gospel message in an appropriate way with customers. This would include, listening to people, sharing testimonies & other relevant life experiences, explaining the Christian message and praying for people’s needs, including praying for physical healing.
  • A heart for Christian unity
  • An ability to be flexible.
  • An ability to balance the demands of running a business and caring for all the people who come in.
  • Be good at listening and talking to people, including answering questions, communicating tasks, sorting out difficulties and working with others.
  • Able to multi-task, handle stress and cope with constant interruptions!
  • Able to take initiative, work by yourself and manage your own time-table.
  • Willing to follow directives from the organisation’s leadership.
  • Competent level of I.T. skills including a basic knowledge of Excel, an ability to search and buy items over the internet and to do emails.
  • A basic food handling certificate is preferred.
  • We would also expect you to behave at all times in a manner that is appropriate for a representative of a Christian charity.

Hours & Salary

You are contracted to work for 24 hours per week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10 – 4pm. Your rate of pay is £9.50 per hour.



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Closing date 4th June 2021, interviews on Wednesday June 9th

Warehouse Clearance Sales

Weather permitting we are planning on running outside stalls at our warehouse on;

Tues 13th/Weds 14th/Thurs 15th April
Tues 20th/Weds 21st/Thurs 22nd April
9.30am til noon

Beverley Town Council Grant

A big thank you to Beverley Town Council, who have awarded a £300 grant to the Beverley shop and café.

Both our Bridlington and Beverley shops work to support their local communities, and this money will support our shop managers in Beverley in this work.

The money will go towards buying craft materials, this is part of a plan to set up groups for people who may be lonely or isolated in Beverley.

People will be able to come together at the Beverley shop for a coffee,a chat and some crafting. Our shops are hoping to open again on the 12th April – if

you are interested in joining a craft group please pop in the shop and have a word with Sally or Julie, our shop managers, and please encourage your family members, friends and neighbours to join in too.

Solar Panel Project in Ouagadougou

The engineer and team were able to fix the 80 solar panels to the roof two weeks ago, have completed the cabling and are now just waiting on the generators arriving from France.



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