After years of devastating war, a major earthquake has now hit Turkey and Syria, destroying many buildings and killing thousands of people.

Jacob’s Well Appeal has been sending trucks of humanitarian and medical aid into this war-torn nation for years, in partnership with “Samara’s Aid”, a Christian organisation that runs medical centres and poverty relief projects in various cities across Syria.

Whilst the eyes of the world have been focussed on Ukraine, the suffering has continued unabated in Syria.  Before the earthquake, around 60% of hospitals were destroyed or damaged through the war, leaving 12 million people without healthcare provision.  The war has destroyed much of the nation’s infrastructure leaving thousands still without homes, jobs or food The medical crisis escalated through Covid and now after the earthquake, it is a major humanitarian disaster.

Financial support is needed urgently to help those most badly affected. Our partner has teams already on the ground in the region.  Their medical centre is packed to overflowing with those who have been injured in the quake desperately needing treatment.  It is not yet clear what will happen to all these thousands of people who have lost their homes in the middle of a cold winter, except that they need our urgent support.
Any financial support that you can give will be used to pay for medical supplies, food and shelter for those immediately affected by this earthquake through our partnership with Samara’s Aid and their teams on the ground in Syria.
Donations can be made through internet banking (details below), on our web-site or by dropping off cash at our shop or offices. Please use the reference “Syria” on any donations

Bank Details; Account Name; Jacob’s Well Appeal; Acc No 67235135. Sort Code 08-92-99.  Ref. “Syria”