In the light of the terrible situation in Ukraine, today we are launching a special appeal to help the Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the conflict with Russia.   Many of these people are fleeing with just the clothes on their backs or with a couple of small suitcases.  They have no means of supporting themselves long-term and in the short term they need food, clothes and places to stay.

Jacob’s Well has long-standing partners in Moldova, a charity called Ora, who are based in the Moldovan capital Chișinău.  Moldova is a neighbouring country to Ukraine having a 760 mile long inland border together.  The charity Ora have been distributing medical and humanitarian aid throughout the country for over 20 years, and have received much help from Jacob’s Well over this time, including several personal visits from our medical directors.   Ora are gearing up to help feed, house and clothe the thousands of Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing into their country.

At the moment, Jacob’s Well is appealing for donations of Money (Not Clothes or Food).  Money can be sent quickly and used to buy all the local supplies that are urgently needed.  Any donation, large or small is greatly appreciated.  We will not take any administration fee from the money we are given, all of which will be sent abroad to directly help the Ukrainian refugees.  The money will be given direct to Ora and will be kept in a special designated fund to help the refugees.

We have really seen the miraculous hand of God upon us over the past few days.  We have started to receive a lot of donations of money, which is wonderful.  Most amazing, a medical manufacturer has now agreed to give us 160 Pallets of brand new silvercell dressings, which are the perfect dressings for a warzone.  These are probably worth about £1.6 million at retail value, and would fill 4-5 shipping containers.  We have agreed to accept them all, in faith that we will get the money to ship them all out.  We probably need £25,000 for this in the next 3-4 weeks.  We plan for the first two trucks to leave for Ukraine next week.

Donations can be made through the Jacob’s Well Web-site or through internet banking (put Ukraine in the reference box), at our shops our through our office on Swinemoor Lane, Beverley.  Our bank details are Jacobs Well Appeal; Account number 71090704; Sort Code 40 10 12

For more information, please contact our office at the above address

Yours sincerely

John Beynon