Let us Love One Another  1 John 4 verse 7

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I pray that we have peace in the New Year. There are so many conflicts around the world and so much suffering that we can often feel overwhelmed.  Here at Jacob’s Well Appeal we are trying to make a difference with each small action that we take. We are so very grateful for all the support and help we have from our many donors, volunteers and partners.

Due in part to the Ukraine conflict as well as political instability and climate change we are seeing more and more requests to help communities struggling to feed themselves. In Burkina Faso our partners in Bobo are facing another year with families of the school struggling to survive. We have already helped them extend their farming to help feed these families and we have sent further funds at the end of last year to help buy more seed. We have also received request for funds to buy seed in Zambia to help feed an orphanage due to the rising costs of food. We continue to support seedbanks and dry season farming projects in Northern Ghana. It is very hard to see that the poorest people always seem to be the first to suffer when disaster strikes. Even with the support we can give, the ladies have to work very hard in difficult conditions to grow food for their families.

Pictures of the crops produced – peanuts!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

This year in Ghana the harvest has been better than last year, when it was very poor, and for that we are very grateful. Because of the less predictable weather farming has become much more difficult as people plant when the rains start presuming they will continue. If the rains stop and start then the crop is ruined. We are also trying different crops, guided by the local agricultural policies, to overcome some of the issues as well as varying the diet of the beneficiaries.

The work on repairing the Wa Municipal hospital operating theatres has been completed and has made a real difference to the facilities. Everyone is so very grateful for the help JWA was able to give.

Before the work was started:

After the work was completed:


Liz (our pharmaceutical trustee) and Helen (our physio volunteer) visiting the hospital with Ruby and Lina and the staff of the theatres.

We pray that we can continue our work this year helping those who are in need.