Those of you who saw our newsletter may remember we had an appeal for money last year, to complete the hospital in Burkina Faso. They have no health system whatsoever, so if you have no money you get no medical care. Our partners in Ouagadougou run a clinic which has a few medical beds, where they offer reduced price / free care for those in need. They began building a hospital next to the clinic but ran out of money several years ago. We are unable to fund the completion of the entire building, but for £30,000 – which we have raised, we can complete a wing of this new building. This will be a mother and baby unit. Currently any women in labour deliver their babies in a small room in the clinic, there can be up to 4 women at a time delivering in a space that would be too small to fit double bed into!

We are sending the money over in four stages and hope to have regular pictures on the website as the work is completed. If you had intended to give money for this project, you can still donate –  we need finances to send further medical containers to equip this unit and hopefully this is just the 1st phase of work on the hospital.

Phase 2: Complete!
The tiling has now been completed.