Let not your heart be troubled John 14v1

Hi Everyone – I hope you are enjoying the summer weather here in the UK. I am currently melting in our portacabin on the Beverley site – I am not complaining as I do like it hot! It can be so hard not to be worried about everything that is happening in the world, but we trust in a greater God that is in control.

Alistair and I have been away in Inverness for most of July, babysitting our grandsons who all had chickenpox. The work at JWA has continued despite our absence and we have now sent 18 lorries to the Ukraine, with a further one due any moment. This consists mostly of medical aid (though not entirely) being distributed to hospitals throughout Ukraine. The value of the aid currently sent is just short of £5,300,000 and has cost us just under £87,000 to send. Thank you for everyone who has contributed to this effort. We are currently raising funds to send medical boxes that will carry blood and blood replacement fluid (gelofusine) and we hope to continue sending regular donations of aid.

I hope you have all seen our newsletter which will keep you informed about what we are doing. You will have read about the fire at the hospital in Ouagadougou. Fortunately no one was hurt and none of the new building or solar panels were damaged. These are the pictures of the damage:

Fortunately we have been able to raise the funds to help repair this area of the hospital. It looks like the fire started because of old, out of date electrical wiring so this timely repair should stop this happening again and make the area safer for the staff and patients. Building has started with masonry repairs underway:

I’m sure you’ll notice that health and safety has not yet arrived in Burkina Faso! They are so grateful for the help you are giving them. This is a Christian hospital that helps all in need. I think it is impossible to understand what it is like to have to pay for your hospital care and to be denied lifesaving treatment because you are poor. Burkina Faso is still struggling with security issues and we are currently unable to visit this country.

Once again we thank everyone who support us as we endeavour to help those in the world that are struggling to survive. Thank you!