Volunteers play a vital part in enabling us to help the world’s poorest people.  Without them our whole organisation would grind to a halt!  Volunteering with Jacob’s Well can be a very rewarding and enriching experience for you, and can make a big difference to the lives of people overseas.  Here are some different opportunities for volunteering


Medical volunteersDSC_0996

We have a great shortage of medically trained volunteers to help with the sorting and processing of our overseas medical aid.  We receive regular donations of medicines and other medical products which all need sorting, listing and packing before they can be sent overseas.  If you know the difference between a tracheal tube and a laryngeal mask, and would like to use your knowledge to help people overseas, please let us know.


We have a van and a small lorry that we use for collecting medical supplies and other donated items.  If you are a good driver with a clean license and would be happy to drive for us in your spare time, please let us know.


Warehouse helpers

 Jacob's Well volunteers load precious roofing sheets onto their container to which is just going to the Philippines

Each week we receive hundreds of items which need sorting, packing in boxes, putting on pallets and then finally packing into lorries for shipping abroad.  If you are happy to work in a team and don’t mind doing some physical work, this could be an opportunity for you.  This could be great experience if you want to move into a job in logistics or warehousing.



Electrical testing


We often get second hand medical equipment.  This needs testing (and sometimes repairing) before it is sent overseas.  If you have experience in this kind of work, and would like to help, please let us know.


Charity Shop


Working in our charity shop you get to meet lots of new people. We need volunteers to staff the tills, sort out and price items and put items on display.  This could be great experience if you want to move into a job in retail or sales.


Go Overseas

Would you like to join a team to go overseas and help a project in the developping world?  For more details, click here 


For the Volunteer application form please click here : Volunteer form