Shoe Boxes

Every year we send hundreds of “Shoe Boxes” abroad as presents for some of the poorest children in the world.  If you have any small items that you think would make a great present to a child in the developing world,  pack them in a shoe boxes.  If you want to wrap it up, even better!   It would help us to put a label on saying the age and sex of the child it is intended for.

What can I put in a Shoe Box?

Small Clothing items – hats, scarves, etc
Toiletries – toothpaste, soap, flannels
Stationery – Pens, pencils, colouring books
Craft items – stars, stickers, stampers, glue, scrap books
Toys or games (not requiring batteries) incl. small soft toys
Wind up torches
Balloons, bubbles, whistles

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