Schools in the UK


Here at Jacob’s Well, we are keen to develop our involvement in the life of schools.  Our approach of “Changing the World one Life at a Time” turns seemingly impossible global challenges into small achievable steps of change.  Projects such as “Sponsor a Child” and “Gift for Life” help children see for themselves the difference their help could make.
Jacobs’ Well can provide speakers for assemblies (particularly helpful after a natural disaster) or can lead specific curriculum focussed lessons.  We can also offer a great opportunity for your school to partner with a international aid organisation that is based in your locality.  Such a partnership can develop pupils’ understanding on a whole range of important spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.
We are also happy to arrange visits of small supervised groups of children to our distribution centre to see how containers of donated items are dispatched – great for school publicity photographs/and a suitable reward for children who have been involved in fundraising.
Topics that Jacob’s Well could help your school with might include:-
  • Geography –Life in Burkina Faso an LEDC
  • Geography – Natural disasters and emergency disaster relief
  • Geography – Agriculture, Fair Trade/Free Trade.
  • French – Burkina Faso – example of a French speaking country
  • General Studies – Life in the third world
  • General Studies – Aid organisations and how they work
  • Water – The importance of clean, readily available water
  • Literacy/World Book Day – Why education is important
  • Business start ups – how to set up a small business
If you would be interested in finding out more please e-mail John Beynon at or request a meeting to discuss how we could work with your school.