January 2017

We sent a 40 foot container full of medical equipment, supplies and medicines to Syria. These will be distributed around hospitals and clinics to treat the poorly and wounded. Many hospitals have been deliberately targeted and destroyed so the really are short of supplies.

February 2017

We sent out a Hydro mobile clinic in a 40 foot container stuffed with medical equipment and supplies. This is going to the Kings Village Medical Centre near Tamale, Ghana. On the other side of the of the river Volta there is no healthcare. Many woman die during child-birth and when people get sick they simply die. So this ambulance boat will be able to get supplies and healthcare to them.

March 2017

We plan to send a 40 foot container full of clothes to Syria. This is a partnership with Samara’s Aid Appeal. People are living in appalling conditions and children are walking through rubble in bare feet.

Other Plans

We are in discussions with partners in Albania and Moldova to send out medical supplies and also talking to the Salvation Army in Athens as to how we can further help their plight with the refugees. We sent them 2 containers of clothes, bedding, personal hygine items and baby equipment last year.



Jacob’s Well is launching a new project which aims to feed poor families in 30 villages in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Following a recent visit to the region, Rev. John Beynon, the CEO of Jacob’s Well was so touched by the poverty of the people living the villages that he felt compelled to do something about it. “We have already planted 1000’s of fruit trees in West Africa, and have the goal of planting 1 million fruit trees in poor communities in the region”, said Rev. Beynon. “However, during my last trip, as I was visiting one of our fruit tree plantations, one of the villagers asked me if we could help to give him seed so that he could grow more food for his family next year. The life style of these people in the countryside has hardly changed for 1000 years. People still live in mud huts, without electricity or running water. They only eat what they are able to grow. If the rain does not come, or if the harvest is poor, there is will not be enough grain to last until the following year. That means when it comes to the next rainy season, they sometimes have nothing to plant. People are so poor that they usually don’t have enough seed to plant in all the fields that are available to them.

Jacob’s Well’s “Seed Bank” programme is designed to help address this problem. At the start of the planting season, Jacob’s well “lends” to the villagers a large 100kg sack of Maize. The villagers clear the land, plant the seed and look after the crop until harvest time. At harvest, they can expect to reap around 8000Kg of maize. When they have gathered in the harvest, they then return a 100Kg sack of maize that they have “borrowed” from Jacob’s well. The beauty of the project is that it is self-sustaining, and it empowers the local people to hel p themselves”.

On his last trip, Rev. Beynon met leaders from over 200 poor villages in Burkina Faso. From these

communities, 30 will be chosen to run trials of the seed bank programme in 2018. If the trials work well, Jacob’s Well hopes to expand the programme to hundreds of other villages, so empowering many more communities across West Africa to be able to help themselves in the future.

To contribute towards this project, or for more details, ring our offices on 01482 881162 or visit our web site To give by sms, text 70070 with the message JWAS16, then specify the amount (£5, £10, £15 etc). Donations can be made on our web-site, at our shops in Beverley, Bridlington or Withernsea or at our offices on Swinemoor Lane, Beverley.



Those of you who saw our newsletter may remember we had an appeal for money last year, to complete the hospital in Burkina Faso. They have no health system whatsoever, so if you have no money you get no medical care. Our partners in Ouagadougou run a clinic which has a few medical beds, where they offer reduced price / free care for those in need. They began building a hospital next to the clinic but ran out of money several years ago. We are unable to fund the completion of the entire building, but for £30,000 – which we have raised, we can complete a wing of this new building. This will be a mother and baby unit. Currently any women in labour deliver their babies in a small room in the clinic, there can be up to 4 women at a time delivering in a space that would be too small to fit double bed into!

We are sending the money over in four stages and hope to have regular pictures on the website as the work is completed. If you had intended to give money for this project, you can still donate –  we need finances to send further medical containers to equip this unit and hopefully this is just the 1st phase of work on the hospital.









Phase 2: Complete!
The tiling has now been completed.






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