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Musical Instruments Wanted for Africa.

Music is one of those things that we take for granted.  Many of our children in England learn to play the recorder, piano or something more exotic.  Jacob’s Well is appealing for musical instruments to enable children growing up in poor communities in West Africa so that they can expand their indigenous musical talents.

Twice in the last month, Rev. John Beynon,Bobo children with guitars the leader of Beverley’s Jacob’s Well has been contacted by different schools in Burkina Faso asking for help to start a music department.  “African people love music”, John explains.  “They love to sing and dance, but most of the time the only instruments they have for accompaniment are a couple of bongo drums, and if they are very lucky an old guitar with a couple of strings missing, or a small electronic keyboard.  Yet even with such poor resources, it is amazing what vibrant music they can make.

Jacob’s Well partners with a school that educates poor refugees on the edge of Bobo Dioulassou, Burkina Faso’s second city.  All the school chairs, tables, black boards, sports equipment and computers that the school uses have come from schools in our area”, John said.  “Two years ago, the school wanted to launch a technical college, so  the Hull Daily Mail kindly helped us to appeal for tools.  As a result we were able to equip a whole college with tools for every pupil and then have enough left over to give all the boys graduating with a set of tools for themselves to enable them to start their own businesses. This year, we would like to be able to send hundreds of musical instruments.  So many homes in East Yorkshire have musical instruments which are never played, instruments which instruments would give a lot of pleasure to African children who have so little that they really appreciate everything that they have.  Any instrument, from a recorder to a tuba, including violins, cello’s, clarinets guitars and electric keyboards will be gratefully received at our shops in Beverley, Withernsea or Bridlington or at our Beverley Warehouse.  Simple music books would also be very useful”.

Last November Rev. John Beynon took out a few old guitarsand a trumpet that had been donated by a lady from Beverley.  ” I play the trumpet myself”, John says, “so I was able to give a demonstration of what it sounded like.  It was really funny to watch the faces of the children when they heard the trumpet! They had never seen or heard anything like it! It was hilarious watching them trying to play it.  Since then, one of the staff from Europe has been teac
Bobo children with guitars 4hing one boy how to play the trumpet. He practices every days, and can now play quite well.  A number of children have also leared how to play the guitar. The school has found a local music teacher who is willing to work for them if they can get enough instruments together for the children to learn on.  They also hope to start their own brass band later this year if possible.

If you have any instrument that you’d like to donate to Africa please contact Jacob’s Well on 01482 881162, email or bring your instruments into our warehouse which is next door to Aldi on Swinemoor Lane, Beverley or to our shops at 2 Ladygate, Beverley, 48 Promenade, Bridlington or 104 Queens St. Withernsea.   Due to shipping costs, upright piano’s and old organs are not feasible.


Bobo children with guitars 3