Moldova lies just east of Romania and is close to where we work in Siret. Thanks to the links of our Romanian leaders we have now been able to start work in this needy country. Our first container of medical aid was delivered to the Moldova charity ORA in August 2007. Their hospitals have requested beds and they are grateful for most hospital furniture and equipment. We have requests for help for old peoples’ homes, orphanages and dental clinics also. They are now way behind Romania and look with envy at their progress. We hope to be able to help their hospitals to update a little.

Our links with a hospice in Moldova have also proved very helpful. They requested colostomy bags and we gladly sent supplies. They are now acting as a centre for distribution for all stoma cases for the country and we deliver one load each year.  Unfortunately we are unable to send them medicines since their bureaucracy is following the Romania system which now makes medical aid almost impossible.