We donate medicines and medical equipment to the needy abroad, but due to new Government guidelines, we are no longer allowed to accept medication from members of the public, pharmacies, hospitals or doctors surgeries.

We CAN accept donations of medicines from licensed manufacturers and authorised wholesalers (UK WDA(H) 44215).

We can still accept all of the following items;

All types of bandages, dressings, elasticated supports, etc

Colostomy items such as pouches, bags, sprays,

Urine collection bags &  equipment,


Unused Syringes and needles,

Theatre items,

Face masks, gloves & protective clothing,

Hygiene items,

Incontinence pads or sanitary products,

Medical instruments & equipment,


Crutches, Walking aids, Wheel chairs,


If you have medical items to donate but are unsure whether we can accept them or not, please give our office a ring on 01482 881162