January 2017

We sent a 40 foot container full of medical equipment, supplies and medicines to Syria. These will be distributed around hospitals and clinics to treat the poorly and wounded. Many hospitals have been deliberately targeted and destroyed so the really are short of supplies.

February 2017

We sent out a Hydro mobile clinic in a 40 foot container stuffed with medical equipment and supplies. This is going to the Kings Village Medical Centre near Tamale, Ghana. On the other side of the of the river Volta there is no healthcare. Many woman die during child-birth and when people get sick they simply die. So this ambulance boat will be able to get supplies and healthcare to them.

March 2017

We plan to send a 40 foot container full of clothes to Syria. This is a partnership with Samara’s Aid Appeal. People are living in appalling conditions and children are walking through rubble in bare feet.

Other Plans

We are in discussions with partners in Albania and Moldova to send out medical supplies and also talking to the Salvation Army in Athens as to how we can further help their plight with the refugees. We sent them 2 containers of clothes, bedding, personal hygine items and baby equipment last year.