Working in partnership with the Nasio Trust, Jacob’s Well is involved in the provision of relief aid to indiginent communities in Kenya.  We find that such co-operation increases the effectiveness and visibility of both charities.
The Nasio Trust runs day-care centres in western Kenya providing orphaned children with a daily meal, education, medical care and support.  With Jacob’s Well’s support 1000 children’s health have been improved, including 50 either malnourished or HIV positive children who have received health supplements and special diets.  Donations of books have also helped 3000 children with their education.
The “Queens Feel Free” project helps provide girls with sanitary towels.  So far 50 students who otherwise would miss out on their education have benefitted from this project.  The reusable, washable pads are made on sewing machines donated by Jacob’s Well.  The women who make them are also able to generate income making bags and baskets that are sold in local markets and here in the UK.


We are also helping the Nasio Trust to become sustainable in food production.  A tractor we sent out is making the cultivation of their  6 acres of land a lot more easier.  The guardians of the orphans are training in modern farming techniques so they can get agricultural jobs and they also grow

crops on their own land to sell in the local market.
Please visit the reports page to read more about this and other initiatives in Kenya, such as our work with the St Mary’s Mission Hospital.
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