Get it sorted!


Jacob’s Well is urgently appealing for people to give up a few hours to help sort aid supplies. “We have become a victim of our own success”, says Rev. John Beynon. “We are now receiving deliveries of aid supplies from a much wider area than before. There is hardly a day goes by without a hospital or medical company sending something for us to ship overseas. Unfortunately as the volume of aid received has grown, the number of volunteers who sort it has stayed the same. Over the past few months, we have built up a backlog of thousands of boxes that has grown into a real mountain. Now it has reached such a crisis level that you almost can’t get in through the warehouse door! There are boxes everywhere! Every spare space is full of them, and they all need processing before they can be sent overseas!
This week, we have been packing a container for Syria. It’s now three quarters full. But even though the warehouse is full of desperately needed medical aid, none of it can be sent as it’s not been sorted! It’s really frustrating!”
When items come in to the Jacob’s Well warehouse, they are sorted and packed into larger boxes of the same category. Dressings go in one box and Surgical masks in another. There are about 50 boxes for items ranging from theatre implements, catheters, gloves & aprons, maternity items and tracheotomy tubes! It sounds complicated. But you soon learn what the different things are. And if you are unsure, it usually tells you on the box! Anyone with a bit of spare time could make a big difference, even if they have had no medical training.
So, next time that you are watching images of desperate people on the TV News, rather than feeling helpless, why not give us a ring. If you gave a few hours of your time to help us sort aid items, you would almost certainly save someone’s life in one of the neediest countries in the world.
Jacob’s Well has been sending aid to the world’s neediest countries since 1982. For more info visit or contact the office on 01482 881162