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Kenya Trip Aug 2015


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Going overseas to help with Jacob’s Well can be a life-changing experieDSC_0205nce. It is one thing to see pictures of poor people on our TV screens.  It is quite another thing to meet them, to talk to them and to work together with them to try and overcome their problems!   Every year we take teams of volunteers overseas to help local people in a variety of projects.  People with specific skills or those who just have a willingness to get involved and do anything are welcome.  Specific skills that could be useful are;

DSC_0939 Alan Pickwell coaches the children in Rugby skills

  • Medically qualified people – Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, nutritionists, primary health care educators
  • Dentists
  • Teachers
  • Builders & DIY experts
  • Sport instructors
  • Art & craft instructors
  • Sewing instructors
  • Farmers & people with agricultural knowledge
  • General aid workers/helpers



Going on a trip overseas with Jacob’s Well is certainly not a relaxing holiday.  However you will have opportunities to get to know an overseas situation in a way that tourists would never have.  Your trip could include the following experiences.  Some will be pleasant and enjoyable.  Others could be challenging.


  • Getting to know local people and their families.  Seeing how they live and trying to help them overcome their problems.
  • Experiencing a different culture. The sights, sounds (and smells) of the developing world have to be seen to be believed! The bustle and noise of a 3rd world city contrasts sharply with the quietness of their country-side.  Often great ugliness and beauty live side by side as beautiful, happy people eke out a meagre living in their pitiful shacks.
  • Tasting local foods.  Although we make every effort to make sure that our volunteers’ have a hygienic and healthy diet, you probably won’t be eating food that you are used to.  In developing countries food is often simpler, with less choice or variety.
  • Living and working with a team.  You will travel and live in close proximity with others.  Flexibility, patience and an ability to get on with anyone are skills that you will need.
  • Living more simply.  In the developing world, many of the things that you take for granted are simply not there.  Things like running water, electricity, a hot shower, flushing toilets or the internet are things that you may not see until you come back home again!
  • Difficulty in communication; Not everyone in the world speaks English!  You may experience the frustration of wanting to communicate but not have a  language in common to talk in!


If you are interested in joining one of our trips overseas, please contact our office for more details.