Food packaging and processing

In the developing world, if people manage to grow enough crops for their family, they face a further problem; how to store the produce so that it will last throughout the following year.  Some crops are easy to store, for example rice, maize or millet.  Others are much harder, for example vegetables and fruit.


Simple machinery and techniques that have been taken for granted in the west for decades would revolutionise people’s lives in the developing world.   Being able to can or bottle items would enable families to keep food for themselves throughout the year or to sell it at the market at times when the market wasn’t already flooded and prices are very low.  Simple machines like a mill enables people to grind large amounts of cereal into flour instead of struggling to do it for each meal by hand.


If you have expertise that could help people in the developing world process or package their crops, we would love to hear from you.  Please ring our office on 01482 881162 or email