Sponsor A Child

Change a Life

 Sponsoring a child is an easy and practical way of changing the world completely – for one child.  You will change their health, their family, their prospects and their future.

Many children in poor communities around the world don’t have access to the sort of education that we take for granted.  Sponsoring a child is an opportunity to change someone’s life for ever.  If you sponsor a child, you will be making a long-term difference to one of the poorest children in the world.  Instead of growing up to be like their parents, struggling to survive at subsistence levels with little money and very few life choices, they could become doctors, teachers, engineers or accountants.

Children that are sponsored through Jacob’s Well are sent to schools where the child will be guaranteed of

A good quality education

  • Personal monitoring, with annual reports being sent to the sponsor
  • Manageable class sizes – usually less than 40 children per class
  • A free nutritious meal every day
  • Primary health-care
  • A school uniform
  • All the books that they need for their education

In addition, you will have the opportunity to be involved in your child’s life as much or as little as you want.

When you initially sponsor a child, you will receive;

  • an information pack about that child. This will contain information about their home situation, their family and siblings including parent’s names and details, their economic background and their health.
  • You will also receive a photo of your child.
  • Each Christmas you will receive a Christmas card which is hand-draw by your child
  • In the summer you will receive the child’s academic report along with a brief synopsis of how the child is doing
  • You will also receive a new photo each year.


You can contact the child as much or as little as you want by writing letters or emails or sending birthday and Christmas cards.  It can be the start of a long-term relationship.


For Child Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions click here