Remote Areas Community Hotspot for Education and Learning – R.A.C.H.E.L

Here in the UK we find it easy to access information that we need. We have libraries, the internet, and, being a society where many people are well educated, if we have a specific problem, there’s someone we can ring who knows what to do, whether it’s the doctor, a teacher, the job-centre or a gardening expert.

Imagine living in a remote place in the 3rd world where none of that was in place. If you encounter a problem in your health, with your goats, your fruit trees or you just want to learn more, to give you a better chance at getting a job, you have no-where to turn. Until now.

RACHEL stands for Remote Areas Community Hotspot for Education and Learning.
Computers have a special programme installed which contains a mass of health, agricultural and educational information. We install the programme on second hand computers in the UK, then transport them to remote communities or ill-equipped schools in West Africa.

There are text books and learning aids to help people learn from primary school level to university degree level.
There are teach your self tutors that teach you how to type and helps you to learn other useful vocational skills.
The universally respected book, “Where there is no doctor” is available to help people diagnose what might be wrong with them if they are ill, and what they can do about it.
There is a whole range of other useful information about agriculture and climate, the world around, finances etc.

RACHEL empowers communities to change their future.

To see more details, visit www.worldpossible.org/index.php