Burkina Faso School

The ABC School in Bobo Dioulassou, Burkina Faso

Jacob’s Well has been partnering with the ABC School in Bobo Dioulassou since the beginning.  We have supplied all the school furniture, installed a water system, and helped in many other practical ways.  Teams have also gone out from us to help in the school each year for the last few years.


As of 2015, the ABC school in Bobo has 350 children in it’s primary school and is just starting to develop a secondary school, taking one new class each year as the children graduate from the primary school.


The school also has a technical college which teaches the less academic children some more practical skills. Girls are taught sewing and how to use a sewing machine, whilst boys are taught woodwork, metal-work, bike and car mechanics.  The national language in Burkina Faso is French, so all the classes are conducted in French apart from the reception class, where the reception teacher also uses several local tribal languages.